Thomaston Mills Finishing Division waste water tank.


For decades our company has kept our dyeing and finishing in the USA as we understand that the largest environmental footprint in textile production is in the dyeing and finishing of fabrics. While our competitors outsourced their pollution to Asia with damaging local and global environmental consequences, we focused on cleanly making high-quality, durable fabrics which saved money for customers over the long term, right here in the USA.

As consumers and corporations are waking up to the damage caused to our country and environment caused by cheap textiles with unsustainable supply chains, our investment in Easley offers the market a change worth making. Partner with our team with decades of experience to dye and finish your fabrics at a plant that recycles 100% of its wastewater to such clean standard that it is used by local South Carolina farmers to fertilize their crops! Want to change and go greener, re-shore your finishing with Thomaston Finishing!